TRU Venture Marketing on a Five-Star Streak!

Creation is half the battle. This is especially true for tech products where strategy doesn’t end with getting in front of the right audiences. 

Demand must be generated among potential customers, and this is achieved by creating a brand and a message that appeals to their needs, combined with a channel to promote it. Moreover, the tactic employed has to sell the experience and the benefits that come with your tech product rather than its robust features. 

At TRU Venture Marketing, we know this, and remain steadfast in delivering results fast. We also seek to establish long-term partnerships with our clients by fostering sustainable agreement models that drive upfront costs down and keep success mutual. 

Since we’ve broken ground on Clutch, a global B2B reviews platform, we’ve received several customer testimonials that speak to the value we offer. This time, we commemorate yet another five-star rating!

TRU Review

For this project, we helped an early stage gifting startup grow almost 100x. To start, we helped them define and launch their customer acquisition campaign. We took a comprehensive look into their product, targeted a specific vertical, and moved towards refreshing their brand with photography, videography, and performance marketing. Our team set up landing pages, put together video ads, and set several Facebook Ads campaigns in motion with massive success to show for it. 

“They take ownership, are super fast, flexible, and willing to go the extra mile to get the results and help us. And they think like founders themselves.”

– Co-Founder & Marketing & Sales Head, Eva Gifting Assistant

The effectiveness of our campaign was made evident by rapid growth in our client’s business. On top of securing 2,500 paying customers, we were also able to generate 20,000 leads and 5,000 signups. Even after concluding the campaign, organic leads are still being generated to this day due to residual brand equity in the real estate space. 

Our expanding highly-rated reviews on Clutch aside, we have also earned us a spot on Top Design Firms, a newly launched B2B directory that simplifies a buyer’s journey by presenting an agency’s rating adjacent to their creative portfolio. 

We cannot thank our customers enough! We certainly wouldn’t have achieved multiple feats over a short period of time without your support and trust in our abilities!


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