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Scott Fromowitz: The HackerX Growth Stack

Yesterday we had Scott Fromowitz, VP of Sales at HackerX: a technical recruiting and events company that hosts meetups for companies and employees to network. For Companies, each event provides an opportunity to meet with a diverse group of developers. For developers, HackerX provides an opportunity to get in a room with some of the most sought after companies to work for. Every event follows a speed dating format. 

The company started in 2012 in Silicon Valley, and now employs a heavy-hitting team of 15, with a large network of regional chapter hosts. Scott has been with HackerX since March of 2014 – and the company was started in 2012. 

As VP of Sales with a team this size, Scott does a lot. His role spans business development, partnerships, and much more. 

(A Note On HackerX)

Not only does HackerX leverage a fantastic sales stack, they offer a tool of their own. Two years ago they acquired WhitetruffleWith a promise of “Let Your Dream Job Come To You”, it’s a marketplace which connects Job Searchers with Recruiters.

Without further adieu, let us jump into the growth stack for HackerX.

Starting The Day




G Suite is a workhorse for HackerX. Not only do they leverage the standard G Suite stack, but they’ve found ways to make it more useful by combining things like Gmail with plugins that amplify their utility. 

Scott says  “What’s unique about us is that we use a lot of plugins that integrate with Gmail and the rest of G Suite.” One example of how HackerX does this is through a tool called Yesware – an outbound mail-merge and messaging system they use to manage contacts and bulk email right from the Gmail Inbox. Essentially, by combining Yesware with G Suite, HackerX is able to convert Gmail into a powerful CRM and sales tool. 


Lead Gen and Contact Discovery 


Lead IQ is a tool to help discover email leads as well as verify that the emails you receive are valid. gives its users access to a massive number of emails. The ability to find contact info for so many potential clients is invaluable. 

Events Management and Ticketing

As an event oriented company, having the right tools for ticketing, events management, and even attendee communication is cornerstone.  Fortunately, HackerX has found one tool to do all of this for them – Eventbrite.

Eventbrite is well known for event management and ticketing, but in true HackerX fashion, Scott and the team have been able to use the platform for much more. For example, attendee communication. 

In app messaging and email list management, segmented by event, makes staying in touch with potential customers and attendees simple.

The double exposure made possible by Eventbrite has become a great resource for the company. 

Contact Management and CRM’s 

HackerX consists of a small team of individuals who all have unique styles and personalities. As such, each team member is free to use their own CRM. is a tool that Scott uses, but not necessarily for its CRM functions. Scott uses Outreach as his large and simple to use mailing system, however, Yesware (As mentioned above) is his platform of choice for smaller mailing campaigns.  

Streak CRM is used by many of Scott’s team members. It’s a CRM that seamlessly integrates with Gmail for contact management. 

Calendly is a great tool for anybody to use. It can make scheduling hassle free by giving others a peek at your calendar to find times that work for both parties to meet. 

Other Misc Team Tools




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