How to Use Adobe After Effects to Enhance your Digital Presence

Creating engaging videos for your Facebook ad campaigns is arguably the most important part of your success. But making digital assets like videos or animations can be overwhelming. So where do you start?

If your background is not strictly in video, you need to be resourceful. You can use free apps like Legend or InShot to animate your copy and add some interest to your videos. While these tools are great at helping you scrape by, eventually you are going to feel a bit limited by the animations and imagery available – and so will your audience. 

This is where a tool like Adobe After Effects comes in, allowing you to build completely custom video ads with any animation you want. Mastery will take a lot of time and patience, but over time your video quality will improve, and you will have many more tools to optimize messaging and imagery. 

Here at TRU we use Adobe products to build engaging videos. We create our own templates for each ad that can be quickly iterated based on the findings of our A/B tests. This helps our clients stand out and obtain paying customers with compelling content driven by data. 

This tutorial, built by TRU Animator Sergio Sandoval, is designed to help you begin the transition into Adobe After Effects. 

By following the video, you’ll learn the fundamentals of transitions, masking, importing, and exporting. After watching our video and running through the exercises yourself, you should have the basic tools to create your own simple and compelling Facebook ad.

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