Our Philosophy On Strategy

Iteration is Power

Our philosophy on strategy is rooted in the concept of The Lean Startup.

The function of a growth marketing team is to generate growth ideas, turn those ideas into realities, and measure the impact those projects have on customer acquisition, retention, and growth.

Projects that are successful are iterated and improved upon and scaled, and projects that are unsuccessful result in a pivot.

We focus on data to make informed decisions — using core metrics like conversion rates,  churn, and CAC to prioritize work.

"In today's market, everyone's trying to sell you something, but that's the one thing they don't try to do; they were honestly offering to try to help, and that's why they got our business."
Dave Spitsen
CEO of BuildingBloc


Start First with Understanding

We take a comprehensive view of your whole marketing, sales, and product ecosystem, and focus on solutions that drive improvements where you need them most. Then we get to the root of your customer needs and wants and fine-tune our strategy to reach your KPI targets. 

"First, we went through a discovery phase to understand our goals. Then they reviewed our analytics and tracking to ensure the ads would be tracked in the funnel."
John Kyeremeh
Growth Product Manager, ARTERNAL


Get Out of the Basement

The basement is where projects get stuck before getting started. Ideation, brainstorming and wireframes are helpful tools that can sometimes hamper a great project. 

Our team is strategic about our process and works in parallel to get high-quality deliverables out of the basement and into the wild quicker, so data collection and iteration can begin. 

"They were willing to adapt and be all-in to support the marketing team. From feedback on an extensive website design to performance ads, they provided a lot of support."
John Kyeremeh
Growth Product Manager, ARTERNAL


Data-Driven From Day One

Measurement is the cornerstone of all our projects and guides the strategy for each of our clients. 

We analyze your marketing funnels on a regular basis to find optimization points and act on opportunities – empowering your business to scale with confidence.

"...impressed by how data driven they are with respect to ad campaigns, lead scoring, automation etc."
Sandeep Todi
Truly Financial

Ready... Set... Grow!