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When we first started with Eva, our goal was to build the basics of a scalable growth engine. From December 2018 and onward, we shifted our focus towards reaching profitability.


We had already discovered how powerful FaceBook advertising could be for Eva. We had narrowed in on creative, audience, and campaign structure. However, with a novel product concept, our challenge had shifted from awareness and lead gen, to efficient (and profitable) user onboarding. However, there was no benchmark for self serve onboarding in the real estate space. Eva was the only product we could find in this market opting for self-serve on-boarding, compared to pushing users through a live demo. 


By creating a simple, streamlined user onboarding flow, we will be able to cut the costs of an inbound sales team. Combine this with an efficient ad campaign, and it will result in a lean and profitable growth engine. 


We set out to build a better campaign at every step of the funnel. We created frameworks for building and testing new creative, audiences, messaging, landing pages, and demos. 

We built a simple 5 step onboarding flow, and watched our customers use it. A focus on the funnel allowed us to concentrate our efforts on friction points in the funnel. 


Phase 01


TRU joined the team to explore different ad types, and their viability of scaling the platform. We began by testing three popular ad channels against each other; Google Adwords, the Google Display network, and the Facebook Ad Suite.

We spent 6 weeks testing, and after completing the campaign, we found that FaceBook was our most likely key to growth. 



Phase 02


With data in hand showing the potential in Facebook advertising for Eva, our goal was now to build a Facebook lead funnel which could reliably attract qualified leads and website registrations to the platform.

Our focus shifted towards the process. We spent our time refining audience, improving ad creative, and building better landing pages.

By the end of January, we’d brought in 28 leads, each lead would take a call with the Eva CMO, and we would, in turn, receive feedback on which product features and benefits were most compelling.

Further ad improvements, driven by feedback from sales allowed us to 10x our leads in February and 7x user registrations.

We continued the trend, and once again increased new user registration by 7x in March, while simultaneously bringing down cost per registration by over 70%.

By the end of March we had phased out physical onboarding calls in exchange for virtual onboarding.


Phase 03


We continued the upward trend from there.

In April new optimizations in audience helped us land over 1,100 leads, up from 663 in March. We also increased registrations by 50%.

Since then, we’ve spent the past 6 months continuing optimizations. 

This, collectively, has helped us achieve an average month over month growth in leads of 39%, and a 46.6% month over month growth in registrations from April to November.

This November we helped bring in 4,289 leads, and 1,011 website registrations for the account.

We have now generated over 20,000 leads for Eva, which has resulted in over 3,800 registrations to their platform. This, in combination with decreasing costs per active user, collectively, puts the client in a unique position to raise additional capital through a Series A round of investment. 

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