About TRU Venture Marketing


Matthew Starrett


I am a web designer, digital marketer and proud part of Reno's growing tech community. Before TRU, I had started two companies. One E-commerce, one agency. My work is inspired by measurable accomplishments and actionable data.


Sergio Sandoval

Lead Designer and Advertiser (MVP)

Sergio is an experienced designer and PPC expert who's worked with Top Mobile Gaming and Technology Startups such as Uber. He knows his way around the Adobe suite as well as the basketball court.


Megan Du

Design Consultant | Full-Stack Developer

Megan is a Graphic Designer and Full Stack Developer. Besides English, she can speak multiple languages such as Tagalog, Bisaya, Korean, French, C#, Java, and Python. She also knows her way through the Adobe suite as well as any Target store. 

Cody Goeken

Cody Goeken

Software Ninjaneer

Cody is a Full Stack Developer who spearheads all technical projects at TRU. He uses tabs, not spaces. Cody's expertise in React JS and Ruby on Rails make Cody a keystone team member of TRU.

Matt Streeter

Matt Streeter

Account Manager

With a background in Design, Matt Streeter adds a unique perspective on each project he is involved in. Matt plays key roles on the client side in an in-depth way that is hard to come by at a larger agency.

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